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I know you all were on pins and needles waiting for me to share with you some of the marvelous gifts I received for Christmas. There was almost no containing my excitement when I opened these little wonders.

My dear friend, Pam, presented me with a beautifully wrapped gift one evening prior to Christmas when we went out for dinner. Before she gave it to me she raised it to her ear, shook it, and  said frowning, “I think it may be broken but I’m not sure…” After I opened it, she advised me that it used to be a really cute dancing pig ornament that she purchased at the exquisite SPAM museum. We both ordered a BLT for dinner (with extra bacon).

 By the way, I took it home and it looked pretty nice scattered under the tree.


My kids gave me this little beauty. It has a striking resemblance to something I saw scurry under the fridge a couple weeks before Christmas.


Nothing says “classy” at my house like a plastic Grinch reindeer that poops brown jelly beans.


Thank goodness someone got me a new whisk because my old one disapp…. Wait! That’s not a whisk! It’s a sleek and practical head massager.  I’m glad someone checked my Christmas list because right below “diamond rings” and “expensive perfume” was “head massager that resembles a kitchen utensil.”


Clinique? Yesssss!

Works all night to help block and mend the look of lines and wrinkles. Rebuilds stores of firming natural collagen. Fuels 24-hour antioxidant replenishment that arms skin for tomorrow.

 I was actually pretty excited when I opened up this gift…


…until I opened up this one, too. I think my friends and family are trying to really, really discreetly tell me something. Losers!

Did you get anything interesting for Christmas that you’d like to share with the class?  Did you give anyone else something you thought was a fabulous idea but the moment they opened it you realized it had backfired? Please share!

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