I am wife mother, dog owner, gerbil keeper and human being. My kids are teenagers and I’m facing somewhat of an identity crisis these days, wondering who I am, why am I here, and who in the world are these other people living in my house? It’s interesting, to say the least, what happens when your darling little children creep higher and higher into those double-digit years. I sort of wish I were a scientist or doctor so I could do some sound research to find out what’s really ailing them.

But since I’m not, I’ll forge ahead and do the best I can (which on some days is simply fluffing my pillow and rolling over and/or eating an entire bag of M & M’s solo). If you’re looking for touching family stories or craft ideas, you’d better go elsewhere because you won’t find it here.  “It’s All Good Until You Burn Dinner” is where wives and moms can uncover the naked truth about families  (bonus: no nudity involved) and the tainted quirkiness of life.

Diane Reiter is a freelance writer who has also dabbled in web and graphic design, e-business,  photography, and sleeping. She lives with her husband, Ron, one kid (the older one ran away to college a few months ago), their pitbull mix, and one very large dust bunny.

I’m always looking for new writing gigs! Hire me!