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I Don’t Wear the Mrs. Roper Look Very Well

Mrs. Roper with husband, Mr. Roper

Stella and I went shopping last weekend for clothes and this time to my dismay, we were actually shopping for me. I never go shopping for myself anymore. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to despise it and usually leave the mall vowing that my new best friend will be a medicine ball and that I’ll never eat another crumb of food as long as I live.

The shopping trip was definitely disturbing, to say the least.  Whoever designs the stuff that they’re trying to sell to women these days is sadistic. The entire afternoon we were at the mall, I was having 70’s flashbacks – and not the pleasant kind, either. It was the bad “Three’s Company” sitcom kind of flashback with a wardrobe that was swiped directly out of Mrs. Roper’s closet. Everything on the store’s racks were sheer, drapey poncho-inspired blouses that are unflattering on anyone who doesn’t have the physique of a swizzle stick.

Inside one chic and groovy store, a determined Stella shuffled through racks studying each garment intensely. “Try these on, Mom,” Stella said handing me a myriad of hangers, each holding one of the ridiculous-looking jumbo-sized blouses.

“I can’t wear this kind of top, Stella. They make me look like a windsail.”

“Mom! Stop it! Just try them on…”

I grabbed the armload of hangers and headed to the dressing room. I knew if Stella saw her good ‘ol mom dressed in this sort of costume it would shout the message loud and clear. So, one by one, I put the blouses on and modeled them for her making sure each pose accentuated my positive features  — my muffin top and turkey wings.

Her exact words each time I opened the dressing room door were along the line of  “Ugh,” and “Ohhhhhh,” and finally, “Yeah. I see what you mean…”

It didn’t take long before “hip and groovy” was abandoned for something that fell more into the category of “functional and versatile.” I ended up getting a camisole with a little “bling” additive and a couple of yawn-colored blazers.

Despite the fact that the shopping trip was rather traumatic for me from a fashion standpoint, Stella and I had a really great time together. She even scored a new pair of jeans and a blouse. And besides having a great mom/daughter afternoon, we enjoyed a bonus mocha together at the coffee shop and discussed college life and stinky boys.

It’s kind of funny, we set out to find some new clothes for me but I think we took a lot more away from the day than just a couple of new things to hang in the closet. So, I guess that old saying is true: “Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.” I’m glad our journey took us farther than just the mall.

What do you think of current fashion? Do you enjoy shopping more as you get older or less?

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