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2012 September

Archive for September, 2012

I know what this may look like at first glance, but I swear…it’s not what you think.

I was making my “famous” Hearty Chicken Wild Rice Soup (really, one of the only things I can actually cook) and had  a bit of a mishap. I was transferring the white sauce required for the soup to a larger pot and…kinda missed.

No worries! The moment the dog heard my bloodcurdling profanity, she knew it was the cue to run into the kitchen to see what delicious goodies I had splattered on the floor.  Fortunately, unlike the rest of the crew around here, she’s not picky and actually loves the stuff I cook up.

And will you look at that? Moments later, the floor is virtually spotless.  You could almost eat off  of it, it’s so clean and shiney (and sanitary)!  I’m actually thinking about squirting gravy on all of my windows to see if she’ll lap those clean, too.

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