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2011 December

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Well, I sure hope that you all had a splendid Christmas and are enjoying the week. It was kind of peculiar celebrating Christmas on a weekend, wasn’t it?

Yesterday I chose to “celebrate” the day after Christmas by spending part of the morning inside of a local Walmart. Yup. You didn’t know I was that deranged, did you?  Neither did I.  And now I  know that the day after Christmas at Walmart equals Black Friday – only worse.

The big difference is that the bargain hunters standing in long shopping lines the day after Thanksgiving are looking forward to a holiday. The day after Christmas, they’re all looking back,  but in a rather desperate, sad sort of way. I also think that maybe they’re just Black Friday “wannabe’s” – too weak to withstand the rigor of midnight shopping after a few rounds of Thanksgiving turkey and a couple of swigs of gravy …but they just have to score a deal (or their version of one) no matter what.

What I observed in “the mart” today was rather disturbing. Carts full of stuff that probably should have been shipped to the Island of Misfit Toys a few weeks ago — things any non-claymation child would ever want. But at 50% off, who can resist, right? Angry people labored to push carts heaped with these obscure, scary toys through the store along with Santa candy, hideous gift wrap, and grotesque, oddly-colored ornaments…all in the name of D-I-S-C-O-U-N-T.

All I got was a bottle of contact lens solution and box of Lactaid. And after a hectic weekend, the stress of being in that store today nearly made me a guillotine volunteer.

Were you brave enough to shop on Monday? Did you score any deals (and I mean, any REAL ones with stuff that can actually be used and has no expiration date)?

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I share some of the fabulous Christmas gifts I received from friends and family. I guarantee, you’ll be jealous. I’m almost jealous of myself.

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