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Last year, our family took a rather unconventional vacation for spring break. While our friends were heading to sunny Florida or the sandy beaches of Cancun during their week off, we opted for something much different. We booked a flight to New York City.

“Why are you going there?” our friends asked. “Don’t you want to go somewhere warm over spring break? It’s March!

Honestly, no. A few months prior, when the four of us sat down for a family huddle to discuss possible vacation options, we all voted for New York City. Well, all of us except Ron. He only gave a limp half a vote. But majority ruled and Stella, Noah, and I wanted to go there so he had no choice but to tag along.

After the family meeting, the following weeks were spent planning out our trip – things we wanted to see there, what we could afford to spend…  And lucky me. I got to scrape around for a deal on airfare and hotel. Honestly, I had to pat myself on the back. During the entire process I only had a few dizzy spells and heart palpitations, but nothing a decent piece of chocolate or a bag of potato chips couldn’t cure.

A few weeks later we boarded the plane for LaGuardia Airport making sure we brought the two most important things we could possibly have on a trip to the Big Apple besides our kids: our cameras and a few comfortable pairs of walking shoes. Our plane arrived in New York City at night which was pretty cool because we got to take in a spectacular view of the city’s skyline.

Noah and Stella - Noah has changed a lot in a year!

We crammmed so much fun into the short week we were there: we saw a show,  went on tours, strolled through Central Park, walked the block along Ground Zero, saw the Statue of Liberty, visited the Empire State Building, and shopped, shopped, shopped (that was Ron and Noah’s favorite part). We even saw Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski taping an episode of  “30 Rock” outside of Rockefeller Center. And did I mention we ate? A lot? You’ve never seen a deli or a specialty food store until you see one in New York City. I could have spent days wandering around amongst the pizzas, pastries, and pastas in those divine eateries.

I pretty much had to be dragged out of this place...


Ron's shoe after getting a hot dog from a street vendor. Yup...that's ketchup. Classy, huh?

The trip was quite expensive  for us frugal Midwesterners but regardless, we have vowed to go back again soon. Even Mr. Limp Half a Vote (Ron) has been pleading with me to go back but next time, make it a “grown up” trip (no kids allowed). But of course, it’ll probably be a while before we’ll be able to shovel enough money away to do something as exciting as this again.

So, what would you think if both you and a guest could take a trip to New York FREE? And be handed a whopping thousand dollars to spend on any goodies you wanted while you were there (even chocolate or shoes)? And receive a complimentary teeth-whitening smile makover there. And be featured in a professional New York photo shoot?  (I know, I know…you’re excited!).

Yay! You can grab your chance by entering the Who Makes You Smile contest. Follow the pink I wanna win a trip to New York City link below to the topdentists.com website, upload a photo of the person in your life who makes you smile (kids, husband, wife, parent, Aunt Gertrude, the dude at the corner gas station…. you get the picture), and write a blurb about this special person.

After entering your contact information and hitting the “submit” button, give a shout to all of your friends via word of mouth, email, Twitter, blogging, and Facebook (you get the drift) to cast a vote for you by Friday, February 24th  for a chance to win your own super fantastic trip to New York City. And even if you don’t win the grand prize, the top three entries within 100 miles of Troy, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Aventura, Florida; Austin, Texas; and Beverly Hills, California will be judged for the five exciting regional prizes for teeth whitening. See the contest website for details and contest rules.

So, are you ready? Give a click on the link below for your exciting chance to visit the Big Apple! But hurry! Contest ends Friday, February 24th.

I wanna win a trip to New York City! 

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