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Our bedroom closet is in desperate need of a beauty makeover.  Ron and I have a fairly large walk-in that may seem like a luxury to some people but honestly, I think a big closet does nothing but create problems. For us, it’s become the refuse dump for anything larger than a breadbox and smaller than a compact car.

I finally figured this out yesterday when I walked into the closet with the simple goal of finding one of my favorite black skirts but ended up desperately lost for a couple of hours. Somewhere between my shoes and Ron’s old firefighting gear I became entrapped under the miscellaneous odds and ends that had accumulated on the shelves and floor.

How in the heck did all of that stuff get in there? Could I actually be the one guilty of being an accomplice in the creation of this catastrophe we call a “closet,” or was it that silly perimenopausal alter ego of mine that seems to be doing lots of stupid stuff around here lately? Of course, there are average “closet things” in there like clothing, shoes and a couple of empty suitcases, but there are also numerous things that are weirdly out of place…even for a closet belonging to us.

After I clawed my way out of the rubble, I rifled around in search of my skirt (because of course, it wasn’t on the hanger where it was SUPPOSED to be). As I scrounged, I made a mental note of a few of the renegade things I ran across while in there:

  • ·       Two Easter baskets
  • ·       Plastic Easter eggs
  • ·       A small stack of vinyl records
  • ·       A pile of junk mail from at least a year ago
  • ·       Two stethoscopes
  • ·       A couple dozen books
  • ·       Picture collages I made for my dad’s funeral (9 years ago).
  • ·       An unfinished afghan from my pathetic unskilled crocheting days
  • ·       A weird little sterno-powered engine from my husband’s childhood
  • ·       A sad little silk flower arrangement
  • ·       Two microscopic blankets
  • ·       One fitted sheet (where is the matching flat sheet and pillowcases?)
  • ·       A wind-up helicopter
  • ·       One Bratz doll, NIB (do they even sell them anymore?)
  • ·       Two laptop bags, minus any laptops
  • ·       A cobweb
  • ·       A patriotic-looking box filled with Gore/Bush memorabilia
  • ·       A deck of “magic” playing cards
  • ·       One pimp hat  (I’m hoping it was just leftover from Halloween…).

It took me a full hour but eventually I found that black skirt (crumpled into a grapefruit-sized ball next to Ron’s stack of winter sweaters). And the experience inside our walk-in actually taught me a couple of things…

1. For safety sake, I should probably wear a hard hat before setting foot inside of our closet.


Does your closet become a catch-all for stuff around your house or are we in the minority? If you are actually organized, what are some tips you can share with me and the viewing audience for keeping it tidy? Please comment!

 Feeling sorry for me because I’m sorely disorganized? Well, you can cheer me up! I was nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs. Find me here on the list of all the funny mom bloggers and vote! It’ll make my day (and will provide me with the energy I need to clean out that pesky closet!). And thanks!

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