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I think it’s time.

“Time for what?” you ask.

Time to put out the call for guest bloggers.

“But why, Diane? Why would anyone want to be a guest blogger?” you say.


Well my dear friend, let me share 10 reasons why guest blogging here (or at anywhere, for that matter) is a magical idea:

1. (This one’s a biggy) Generate more traffic to your blog. Who doesn’t want more exposure for their own   site? I know I do!

2. Reel in a few potential subscribers.

3. Build new, snazzy links to your site.

4. Build the reputation of a real expert in your niche.

5. Make new blogging friends (another biggy).

6. Get inspired by seeing what your blogging friends are doing.

7. Share your stories to a bigger audience.

8. Become a better, more skilled writer.

9.  Influence others with your thoughts and work.

10. Create an online resume with “wow” factor.

My goal is to feature one or two guest blog entries per month. I would love to feature you! Please

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