Yup. It’s still making the rounds in the news…

Yesterday, I posted a story about Sydney Spies, the high school senior from Durango, Colorado who is protesting her high school for rejecting the senior photos she submitted for inclusion in the school’s yearbook.

How people perceive certain topics, particularly when it comes to raising kids, fascinates me.  What one adult sees as being impermissible another sees as an opportunity — or simply “no big deal.”

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, talk a look here, then share your opinion in the below. Don’t bother voting 421 times because only one submission is permitted, folks. And don’t worry…it’s anonymous. No one’s going to track you down and come after you. Now, grab that handy little mouse and vote away!

Do you think Sydney Spies should be allowed to publish any photo of her choice in the high school yearbook?

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