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2012 March

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Last weekend I was sitting outside and a mosquito landed on me. And for the record, yes…it bit me.

I know what you’re thinking… “Big deal, Diane. It happens a zillion times a day all over the world. You really need to get a hobby!”

Well, normally I wouldn’t be so astounded by a bug bite but I live in the freakishly cold north where normally in March, there is still a blanket of white snow on the ground (not to mention the occasional winter storm warning). Not only isn’t there any snow here, we’re also experiencing record temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s.  And I know our state isn’t alone in regards to these “tropical” temps. The entire country is prematurely donning their Bermuda shorts and slathering on the Coppertone because of unseasonably warm weather.

I don’t’ know how you feel, but all of this fabulous warmth actually has kind of alarmed me. In my neck of the woods, the average temp for March is around 40 degrees or so. If it’s been 20-30 degrees above normal all winter long, what will that mean for us in the middle of summer?  Is it going to be so hot we’ll be cooking ourselves at the Fourth of July picnic this year?

In addition to the discomfort temperatures like that would bring in coming months,  I seriously don’t know how my already limp hair could possibly hold up in that kind of heat — even with a thick layer of Aqua Net and a double coat of Shellac. And forget about “clinical strength” antiperspirant/deodorant.  I’ll be searching the store shelves for “Paul Bunyan strength.” Maybe even full body roll-on.  Blech!

What are your feelings about this unusually early spring?  Do you enjoy it or like me, is there something in the back of your mind that’s has you worried about the weirdness of it? Please share!!

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