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2012 March

Archive for March, 2012

For sale: one prom dress, size 5/6. Worn once for a maximum of 5 hours. Purchased one year ago for an exorbitant amount of money. Looked great on the mannequin and even better on my daughter – especially when accented by an overpriced purse, earrings and shoes (also only worn one time. Make offer).

Shredded heap of toile draped over dress used to be attached to skirt until daughter’s careless friend got her high heel stuck in it while hip-hopping on prom night. Nasty ring of dirt along bottom edge of off-white lining isn’t that noticeable if sunglasses are worn while viewing it (or if one looks at it from a distance of about 40-45 paces).

Dress has hung inside fabric garment bag (untouched) for one year. Now only a loathsome reminder of an exceptionally expensive evening that “really wasn’t that fun” (daughter’s exact quote upon arrival home after prom night).

Daughter will use proceeds from the sale of garment to purchase supplies for college – most likely food to be eaten in current dorm room (ramen, granola bars, fruit cups) so that college dining center may be avoided. There is also a possibility money could be used for transportation home to see mom, dad, and sibling.

Seller is not responsible for any negative experiences that develop while wearing dress that include but are not limited to: a crummy dinner, sweaty boys at dance, blisters from shoes, and a painfully boring date.

Cash only.

Want to help my poor (literally) daughter buy dorm food? Click the Etsy link to the right to view her hand-designed shoe gallery!

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