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2012 January

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Stella, our college freshman, has a friend named Kayla who is driving up to visit her for the weekend at the University she attends in the northern part of the state. Kayla lives close to our home so Stella wants her to stop by our house before she leaves to pick up a few extremely critical supplies she desperately needs delivered to her for college survival.

Our text conversation today went like this:

As much as I hate grocery shopping, I don’t really mind picking up a few things to send along to school for her today.  And I’m really not sure why she needs a dress at the University, but whatever. To be honest, I’m just glad she asked me to send up chocolate instead of a couple cases of beer and a carton of cigarettes.

Did you get “care packages” from home when you went to college or moved out? What kinds of things did they include? And most important of all, did you love them  or were they repulsive like the attic-flavored cookies my friend used to get from her grandma?

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