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A big thanks to Mary, today’s featured blogger from Trusty Chucks

Hey It’s All Good Until You Burn Dinner readers! I’m Mary from Trusty Chucks and so honored to be here with you today.  For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a wife, mom, teacher, book, food, travel, fashion, DIY and dog owner blogger.  Perhaps I’ll call myself a messy life blogger.  That sounds a lot better than admitting I just don’t know where to focus my time.  But that will be our little secret.

Messy Life Blogger Mary

Ever try to make a great first impression but just end up sweaty and speechless—yea, me neither.  But if I did, this would definitely be the time to do it.  When my sister gets nervous, she giggles incessantly.  When I get nervous, I become sarcastic.  Both are major turnoffs when meeting people for the first time.  You have no idea how proud our parents are of us.  Good thing they had that accidental, later-in-life child that turned out normal.

My sister and I with our precious baby brother, Ricky

Sometimes my blog gets a little deeper with thoughts on faith, my fears, living with a recovering addict, and raising kids.  I have good days and bad days, and you’ll probably hear about all of them.  As I write this, I’d say today is a good day: I remembered to get up in time to put dinner in the slow cooker before leaving for work (this task always makes me feel very grown up. . .) and, while the hem in my pants came out once I got to work, I was able to staple that bad boy back into place like a champ.  And only three of my students have asked why I have staples on my pants.  I told them it’s a new style from Europe they haven’t heard about yet because I’m so fashion-forward.  I’m positive the eye rolling that followed was purely admiration.

So if you happen to find a spare minute, need to kill some time at work, or have some time on your lunch break, I invite you to stop by Trusty Chucks and say hi.  Or share a yummy recipe. Or make fun of me.  Or recommend a good book to read.  All of those things are welcome.   One of my favorite things about blogging is finding people who I can connect with, encourage, make laugh, or bore to sleep.  I am especially good at the last one, just ask my students.

Thanks Diane for letting me stop by and I hope to see you guys over at Trusty Chucks soon (I’ve got a giveaway going on right now also, so click the banner below to stop on over and win something!)—happy Thursday!


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